Building a marketplace - love or hate

Lisa Bakhareva🇺🇦
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If you've ever had an experience building a marketplace business, I would love to know what are your feelings about it 😈💪🏻


Illia Kovalenko
Holy cow! It seems you gotta a lot of work!
Maxwell Davis
Just starting to build one at the moment - not looking forward to the experience!
I'm building one for Unblokd, the product I'm building. Just released it in beta. What's particularly difficult is that you have to tackle both ends at the same time. In my case, one end is developers learning something new. The other end is developers who can teach that or offer help. But that gives me a pretty rough idea of my target audience - developers. So I try to market it in places where developers hang out. I differentiate the message depending on where I'm posting. If I'm posting in a place where developers learn, I focus on the learning side. In a community of seasoned developers, I focus on helping others.