Biggest challenge when having conversations with small business owners?

Williams G Sebastian
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Amit Arora
Good question Williams. I always notice that small business owners are overworked. They have not managed themselves and their work very well. Because of this, they are more stressed in their conversations. I feel they should pause sometimes and relax and sit back to see how to make the game more efficient. If they try this, many of them will enjoy both their work and personal life. What have been your observations?
Abhra Ch.
Launching soon!
Hey @williams_g_sebastian! 😄 Great question! I think one of the biggest challenges is finding a balance between offering honest feedback and not discouraging their passion. Small business owners put their heart and soul into their work, so it's important to be supportive while also being constructive. What do you think? 😊
Andreas Sohns
I sometimes have difficulty aligning our services with their specific goals and priorities.
Gurkaran Singh
The biggest challenge when chatting with small business owners is navigating the fine line between discussing tech solutions without sounding like a robot or a flying spaceship from a sci-fi movie, am I right?
Finn Atticus Harrington
Getting them to open up about their business challenges and goals. Building trust is key - you have to show that you genuinely care about helping their business succeed, not just making a sale. Active listening, empathy, and sharing relevant case studies or examples goes a long way in having productive conversations with small business owners.