Best way to learn Digital Marketing (soft-skill)?

Shekh Al Raihan
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Hi, This is Raihan, I'm a designer with 8+ years of experience. I'm currently building a product called "GrabStar". I feel I need to learn more about marketing strategies. Can you guys suggest to me some options where I can start learning? Thanks


David Lauchenauer
Hey Shekh, I'm also currently facing the need to further improve my marketing skills. I'm currently trying to focus on the SEO & Social side of things for Indiebrands since this got me the best results in the last 2,5 years in my old job. I've had some results for indiebrands already, but will read through some more stuff I got recommended on Twitter, to further improve on it: Ahrefs academy The primary goal of blogging for business Notion Blog The SaaS SEO MBA (Seems like I can't post links here, feel free to dm me on twitter & I'll send you my sources.) David
Samuel Tan
Hey Shekh, strongly recommend you check out Whilst it won't teach you everything it's a great place to start on the fundamentals of digital marketing (as the digital world is basically built off Google hahaha).
Jaskiran Kaur
You can learn from Udemy , YouTube , companies that provide training, etc.
Jason Cavness
I am a big fan of @neilpatel and @randfish But there are plenty of others and many free resources.
i have read it thank you for sharing the information check it
Emily Elizabeth
The most effective approach to learning digital marketing as a soft skill involves a combination of structured learning, practical application, and ongoing self-education. Start by enrolling in reputable online courses from platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or LinkedIn Learning to build a strong foundation. Then, apply your knowledge by working on personal projects or assisting local businesses with their digital marketing efforts. Stay updated through blogs, podcasts, and industry publications to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape. Networking with professionals and joining online communities, such as those on platforms like Reddit or specialized forums, will also provide valuable insights and support on your learning journey.
Abhishree Vithalani
To learn digital marketing as a soft skill, engage in online courses covering SEO, SEM, social media, and analytics, and apply concepts through hands-on projects and networking within digital marketing communities for practical insights and updates.
Mihabun Khan
I appreciate how you provide actionable steps for your readers. So helpful! powerball results
One Touch
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Olivia Rodrigo
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