Best Transactional Email Solutions

Davor Kolenc
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I do not know many of them. Heard that some use Intercom, Hub Spot, Mail Gun, Mandril ... How do you use them and what solution do you recommend?


Neri Raanani
I just started working with after I got a lot of recommendations. The second place was Intercom.
Ivan Ralic
I'm using MailGun and SendGrid. Currently MailGun is used for receiving emails sent to application while SendGrid is used for sending emails. SendGrid Templates are great because you can use Handlebars to develop Dynamical Templates. This is awesome because all UI logic can be in the SendGrid Template separated from your Backend business logic 😊
We recently came out with a new solution for sending transactional emails called Sweego. Feel free to give it a try (there's a free version).