Best time management tips from your end!

Tvisha raji
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Valeria Migova
I can advise to pay attention to online whiteboard Weje as a good time management tool. It suits perfectly for planning, note taking and working with a team.
Tvisha raji
@vmigova Will keep this in mind!!!!
Elena Cirera
-Set goals wisely. -Prioritize your goals. -Set time frame for each goal. -Avoid micro-management.
Gurpinder Singh
One task at a time instead of multi-tasking. It helps in getting things done faster. Work on difficult tasks first, and then move on to others.
Focus on one thing at a time and remove any distractions (phone, emails notifications, etc)...I also heard a lot about the Pomodoro technique where you break your day into 25 min chunks and separate them by 5 min breaks.
Tvisha raji
@jennifer00 That is a great advice Jennifer
Pavel Kukhnavets
One of the best practices in time management is a good visualization of your tasks, due dates and deadlines. For these aims you need to have a reliable project management and time management tool. Such software solutions as GanttPRO help to track time spent on tasks and projects, create reports, and improve your project management with ease. So, the main advice I can share is to select an appropriate platform and get the most of its functionality for your time management needs.
Tvisha raji
@pavel_kukhnavets Hey Pavel...Checked your product out! Absolutely loved it