Best SEO strategy

Shreya R Nambiar
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What is the best SEO strategy that has worked for you or your company?


Shreya R Nambiar
We have been most successful by focusing on our core, niche keywords and continually improving our content around them.
Maciej Cupial
There is no best SEO strategy, each website is different, so you need to try a few things and see what works best. But probably, they are some common patterns you can start with. I can write you about what I did in the last year for the local Polish market, and it worked (it brought my website on many keywords to the top 10): - Hired an SEO expert for ~$500/monthly who is responsible mainly for link building. - Searched for some keywords that I could start with. I regularly try to update them. I don't focus on a few keywords. I try to have as many as possible. - Created some subpages related to the keywords. They usually have links from the main website. - Creating regular blog posts and making internal link building. Here is a great post about SEO as well, there are a few tips there:
Iya Mendoza
@maciej_cupial Ths is what we usually do at Instant Logo Design. But results isn't overnight, but growth is definitely in the long-run, so +1 to your advice :)
Shreya R Nambiar
@iyamendoza01 @maciej_cupial I agree too. With SEO, the aim should be long-term growth rather than quick fixes.
Mia K
Content marketing and focusing primarly on bottom of the funnel in the initial stages. Bottom of the funnel keywords are generally easier to rank for, scare the s*it out of the competitors :D, and, if done well, can bring you some initial conversions.
Nabeel Amir
Hi Shreya! Some of the best SEO strategies are to create new content as much as possible along with updating the previous one. It is also recommended to use longer phrased keywords. But there's no hard and fast rule for success, so you should give a try to different strategies.
Lisa Murphy
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