Best referral tool to grow upcoming product subscribers on Product Hunt

Sheida Mirjahani
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Hi everyone. I've listed a product in the "upcoming" section of Product Hunt. It is a tool for Twitter Spaces users to archive, share and sell their Twitter Spaces. I'm looking for a tool to help me build a referral game. Simply put, I want to reward anyone who brings a friend to subscribe to the upcoming page. Do you know of any tools?


Raphie W
So excited for this. I am ready to support! Do you think something like an alternative to king sumo, many have been listed here on product hunt, not sure if they still are. Prizensta Salescamp vyper2.0 viralsweep
Sheida Mirjahani
@raphie_w yay Raphie, Thanks for the support, as always. Cool I'm gonna check them out and share the feedback here with the community
Mark Wellman
Following this thread as I'm really interested to learn some great tips! We're getting ready for our launch for Sonero so we've been reaching out to our current networks, posting on socials, and we're about to send a newsletter out to our subscribers. Good luck!
Qudsia Ali
"Subhunt is a really easy way for companies to run their own referral campaigns and interact with the subscribers of upcoming products on Product Hunt." The idea behind it is that you can use it to drive targeted traffic to your site via launching an upcoming product on Product Hunt - which can help to get pre-orders, beta testers, early adopters and more users and customers.
Sheida Mirjahani
@qudsia_ali exactly what I wanted! Thanks Qudsia!