Best music for releasing stress?

Aleksi Halsas
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What kind of music you use to relax during work day or after? My favorite is: The Life and Tiems of Scrooge:


Tytti Sandström
Today i listened to this:
(maybe not the best one, but worked.) I also like listening to meditations on coffeebreaks. In Finnish my favourite is Kuparikettu on Youtube
Andrew Beburishvili
For me this is early Tiesto :)
Santeri S
Anything heavy.
Santeri S
@tytti_sandstrom Well, Stam1na has been a go-to of mine for a while, but recently I've also gone back to some oldies like Pantera and older Metallica. Progressive metal (e.g. Tool, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend) is also a huge one for me.
Tytti Sandström
@sasesesa do you have a Spotify playlist or something like that you could share? Stam1na, Mokoma, Tool, No Obliviscaris, Jinjer play on my headphones a lot.
Santeri S
@tytti_sandstrom I'm really bad at playlists :D I've just got a massive playlist with all my metal/rock -type of music: But cool, I didn't know you were into metal also!
Tytti Sandström
@sasesesa thanks! Mors Subita is another good one 😊
Valtteri Ylimäki
I like Spotify's ready-made mood lists. From the chill sector, Morning Coffee (Aamukahvi) is my favorite :D
saif khan
@aleksi_halsas1 check this out it shall really help :)
Arman Mohammadi
i just search it on Youtube , for example search " relaxing Music " and find lot of fun
Kim Stanfield
I tend to like playing mindfulness music when stressed, no lyrics, helps me focus :)
Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Vivaldi. Symphonic metal Ballads.