Best growth hacks without spending money?

Tatiana Lima
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Jas BG
social media channels
Jas BG
@imtiyaz922 not necessarily - these days with tik tok and reels you can reach people without having a following
Jonas Schaller
Just make Tiktoks, the content doesnt even have to fit your brand to gain growth
Fabian Maume
Quora can big quite interesting. You can check the potential using this tool:
Michael Bogdanowicz
The TikTok is really great thing if you have B2C fun product)
Andrew Glenn
Viral loops. Adam Fishman was on Harry Stebbings podcast today talking about using Viral Loops for growth. Worth a listen.
Ryan Tando -
Depends on your niche. Personally, these are the channel I suggest, If it's b2b saas > LinkedIn, reddit, facebook, etc if it's b2c > twitter, reddit, facebook. etc if it's d2c > tiktok If you have time you can try all the channels
Roberto Morais
If you are in the beginning I would keep it simple. Direct contact on potential customers (best), find the communities where your customers are and contribute (be known to help, then advertise your product) and tell your story (and interesting updates) on the relevant channels (twitter, medium, linkedin, etc).
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The following are the best growth hacks; you do not have to spend anything on these. Community Building Use Social media Hijack Trends Integrate virality Endorsements
Paul-Louis Valat
Creating a downloadable template that solves one of your audience's challenge. Really quick to create, easy to promote, it helps build a qualified database that you can then reach out about your product or service
Achindh M S
Launch a product training course or webinar. Issue digital credentials using free tools like CertifyMe and gain organic traffic.
Best Growth Hack Techniques and Tips to Boost Conversions Find social media platforms your competitors aren't using. ... Partner with another company to share audiences. ... Give something away for free. ... Conduct constant A/B testing. ... Change up your landing page layout. .. PartyCityFeedback
Daniel Baum
Posting in FB communities / contacting group Admins can really help
Jacqui Sanner
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