Best CTA for 'coming soon' page?

Harry Pardoe
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👋 Hi hunters, What CTA have you found most effective on a 'coming soon' page? This is for us to notify people when our product is ready to download. We're trying to get it right for our climate action platform Snowball ( and haven't yet got enough traffic to test different options. Thanks 🙏


Alexey Shashkov
What about Join Beta or Get early access?
You can also use: “Join Community” or “Act on Climate Change”
You could always use a Voice enabled CTA :) @svenja_rossig @usama_khalid
Usama Khalid
@svenja_rossig @maxwellcdavis hell yeah! — create voice enable CTA's or we call it Vocal CTAs using Voicl. We just launched two days ago. :)