Best communities for web design/development?

Robin Gandy
4 replies
Whether it's freelancers, experienced web developers, designers, website builder feedback/recommendations, ecommerce users, UI/UX, integrations, embeds... etc.. Looking for communities for all things websites!


Clément Jacquelin
UI/UX Designer
Webdesign : Dribbble without doubt. 🥰
Kirman Smith
I was checking various solutions in order to make a good website for my needs, to perform all my ideas, I was using which is a really good software development company, that uses all the best features and solutions in order to make the business work on you. Last trends, technologies, UI/UX kits and templates are available there.
Cathrine McKartney
NY designer
There's no use crying over spilled milk if you have no experience. You have to try and find new options. WordPress is ideal for blogs and basic websites and has a huge theme ecosystem. The list of professional themes for $30-60 is endless. All of our favourite web hosts install WordPress in one click, making it a very easy option. It's also where you can train and learn from the agency at the same time. If you want to become icon designers for hire then it's better to finish courses or watch some videos online to understand what's required of you. The cash cow is always in your hands
Web designers and experienced developers are now in high demand in the labor market. I myself was recently looking for experienced specialists to develop an online store and for a long time I could not find anyone. It's good that I managed to find out about this company They quickly understood what I wanted from them and got to work. All my requests and requirements were taken into account, so I was completely satisfied with the work with them.