Barter Model

Tunahan Tolga Yıldız
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Hey PH, A problem experienced especially in early-stage startups is the inability to spend too much budget on the software needs hearing in the first stage. Based on this, I have a startup business idea. That is the barter model! For example, you are the co-founder of an HR tech. Your first service is the applicant tracking system. What you need may be a CRM system. In this way, two items can be exchanged for one year. Or you want to expand in the UK and a company that can be a partnership there can barter with you. This could be a different field in the HR Tech field. Or you don't need it, but you can trade with a B2C company that provides a meditation app for your employees (for example, 10 employees). They use your product, and you provide an additional benefit to your employees. My most basic question here is, do you want to pay a membership fee to such a platform when bartering because you don't want to spend a lot of money anyway, or what kind of income models do you think there can be. Fixed membership, credit system, or completely free but advertising revenue. Waiting for your nice comments, thanks a lot!


james wiley
Did you get any responses to this anywhere else? Curious about membership fee interest for a bartering system.