Automatio Weekly Progress Update #15

Stefan Smiljkovic
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Good day good people, how was your previous week? Here is last week progress update on - 💰 Acquired 4 subscribers each $99/m - 📝 Published new post - 👨‍🏫 Had 1 session with Automatio students - 🐛 Sent newsletter to ~5k subs - 🎬 Gave feedback for new video - 🎯 SEO is going up - 📈 699 visits last week


Michael Kawula
So happy for you. Congrats. Momentum is nice! Thanks for sharing!
Stefan Smiljkovic
@mikekawula Thanks Michael. Still lot of things to solve, its a struggle and hard, but really rewarding. And we didn't just start it yet. When we lift from the ground 🚀 and start generating profit (not just revenue), nothing will stop us to grow.
Michael Kawula
@stefan_smiljkovic Back in the early days of IFTTT (when it was super cool) they use to constantly write quick posts about clever recipes users created and their use case. 1. Super cool for SEO 2. Great content for users looking for ideas (or those ready to convert) Daily email of ideas and once will get them to pull the trigger Can't wait to see where this goes my friend
Stefan Smiljkovic
@mikekawula Thanks for the suggestion Michael! I remember early days of IFTTT, it was something really powerful for me. I have interesting ideas for programmatic and manual generated content, which will bring more SE traffic and purpose to send newsletter to the subs.
Dawn Veltri
Yay Stephan! I love seeing progress posts from everyone.
nice work Stefan!
Stefan Smiljkovic
@graeme_fulton Thanks Graeme! I always liked what you did with Prototypr and now with Letter. Great work!
Sounds like good progress :)
Alexey Shashkov
Congrats, Stefan! Awesome progress and continuing to grow in the right direction - keep it up!
Stefan Ifrim
Hey Stefan, thanks for sharing this. I'm curious to know how you got your 4 new subscribers, is it "self-serve" via the website ? Or did you have to do a demo and follow-up ? Also, I quickly checked the blog post and from my point of view a more obvious link for Signing up would work better. I would also make it a clear CTA, with a button. And definitely repeat it 2-3 times on the blog :D
Stefan Smiljkovic
@stefanifrim Hey Stefan. For monthly subscribers, it was just self-serve. People who figured it out to join current not that good onboarding and registration process. But before that, we had an early adopter program (actually people are still able to buy it) , and most of those early adopters who were paying $2k/year had a call with me and converted in subscribers. Definitely a lot of improvements over the landing page, and conversation optimization. Just hooking up!
Well done. Is there a reason you don't have the pricing information on the home page?
Stefan Smiljkovic
@kambanthemaker Thats a great question, couple of people asked. The reason is that that after so long we decided to slowly release monthly packages just by giving people ability to register and subscribe. We need to revamp landing page, and then we will have public pricing as well. Currently, only registered users can see it -.-.
Chongkal Seng
Thanks guys, love your tool.