Auth with Password vs Passwordless. Give me your opinions!

Ryosuke Suzuki
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There are many login/signup model. - social logins - passwordless logins - email and password login - combination of these Implementing auth in my product, I am curious about needs for password login. Implementing password login is a bit troublesome and filling password bothers me to login.


Jaskiran Kaur
I would say, when I am in hurry, I choose passwordless login but with time to time, I think we should type our password to keep in mind.
Ryosuke Suzuki
@jaskiran_kaur thanks for comment✌️ Intrinsically, password is not required for identification that logged-in user is very themself (if I understand correctly). So, i am curious about reason why we need password auth. I wonder that there is some cultural reasons..
Jaskiran Kaur
@ryosuke_suzuki As I am in marketing team, I have to open multiple accounts of clients on a single platform and it is time consuming to put password every time. So I prefer passwordless. I think password auth made for people's comfort, though I feel, it is less secure
Ryosuke Suzuki
@jaskiran_kaur uh huh, I prefer passwordless too! > I think password auth made for people's comfort, comfort... you hit the nail on the head.
Maciej Cupial
I personally hate connecting accounts with Google, Facebook and so on, so I always use an alias + random password for a new account. I'm waiting for the time we will be able to use our crypto wallets to login everywhere, it feels much safer than giving permission to Google or Fb, bu of course I know many people like this way of logging in.
Ryosuke Suzuki
@maciej_cupial Thanks for suggestive comment✨ > our crypto wallets to login everywhere sounds good!
Shrey Gupta
I would definitely prefer passwordless login. It's super convenient to login through OTPs and Magic link rather than struggling to remember the passwords. This removes all the friction caused by passwords and enhances user experience and adoption. We've built MojoAuth - a passwordless authentication system to remove passwords from the internet. It only takes few minutes to add a few lines of code and your authentication is live.
Kartik J. 👷
@ryosuke_suzuki - Passwordless and social. I can suggest a passwordless solution.
Vincent Delitz
@ryosuke_suzuki I know this post is already two yeears old but have you tried passkeys as passwordless method?