At what age did you earn your first dollar and how?

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Shushanik Shahbazyan
When I was 18, I did interviews and wrote articles. I got $12 for each one.
Lucy Fo
Oh, it is a funny story! When I was younger, my mom worked for as a UX designer. I was able to help her just drawing my pictures, which my mom used in her work. It was my first experience with money )
Michel raugh
I was 25 when i was earn money 10 $
At 17, organized a fashion show with a friend and we made a few hundred dollars each.
Joris Falter
Giving kayak classes at 16! Disclaimer > it was a Euro not a Dollar!
Steve Procter
£5/month delivering newspapers door to door aged 12, in 1980. Boy, were those Sunday papers heavy!! And we got a chocolate bar of our choosing for delivering the bills once per month. Now I open my ipad each morning and The Times is sat there waiting for me to read. Oh how the world has changed.
Manisha Bhowmik
When I was 20 I earned 100 USD from blogging. I have received the money from Google Adsense. That was my first earned dollar.
Medina Moving
Selling water on the highway! Made $60 first day and used the whole amount to buy and sell more.