As a Designer / Illustrator, what tools do you use to share your visuals with your clients?

Juilee Mahimkar
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Being an illustrator and designer I have always been on the lookout to find tools that would help me display my work in the best possible way and at the same time ensure security. Also, another thing I find crucial is a user-friendly interface. From your experience with clients, which tools work best for you and your clients? and Why? I am currently using Slides and Milanote for sharing visuals and sketches and Excels and Words for sharing briefs, timelines, and content. Which apps or platforms would you recommend?


Aaron Smith
I am currently using VanceAI I Have been using it for the past year since they have consistently upgraded features. Like removing backgrounds, enhancer image quality, old photo restoration/colorization, etc. Powered by AI technology, it can automatically help you retouch photos, which is super friendly to amateurs. It’s not free but provides 3 credits to new users for a free trial. BTW, if anyone wants to know more information about how to optimize photos, please check this out which is the best photo enhancer review!
Juilee Mahimkar
@smith_aaron Thank you for sharing😃. Looks like a pretty cool application for image editing. Will give it a shot when I come across any work related to the same.👍