Are you planning to do a discount sale for your SaaS on this coming Black Friday?

Arnob Mukherjee
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Would love to know your thoughts and if you are planning would love to know what are some marketplaces where one can distribute.


Vincent Le Moign
Nope. No 'Black Friday'. I don't see the point to discount my product on a random date. It devalues the product, it's unfair for other buyers who just bought at full price. I discount only when: - launching a new product - reward loyal users who need to upgrade to new products - NGO, educational discount, sometimes to compensate parity of purchase power.
Leandro Zubrezki
I have added a task to run a Black Friday campaign for Notion2Sheets with a 🤔 icon on the title. That means I haven't fully decided and will do some additional research to evaluate pros and cons. I understand @webalys points, but I think people got used to get discounts on products during this date and they don't see it as a devaluation of the product. Additionally I would separate types of campaigns in two: 1. Convert free users to paying customers. 2. Make some fuzz and get new users and potentially paying customers. Strategies and channels used will be different in both cases.
Bianka Simonidesová
At Iconfinder, we'll be running a Black Friday offer from 22nd- 29th of November. You can get a 70% discount on the first month or year on all subscription plans, including access to millions of icons and thousands of illustrations. 👉
Velusamy Subramaniam
We are running a BF/CM deal for BoldDesk 40% off for unlimited agents BoldDesk is a help desk software that includes a ticketing system and knowledge base software. Code: blackfriday2022