Are you *actually using your degree in your current job/role?

Mick Essex
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Paul VanZandt
Currently no, but I could feasibly transition and it would be very applicable. Being an entrepreneur/founder is definitely not what I thought I'd be doing out of college! If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support:
Adriel Cruz
Yes, currently I'm a multimedia designer and I want to know more about other things rather than just design.
Nicole Ogloza
nope. NOT EVEN CLOSE! I was a linguistics/communication sciences and disorders major, that was supposed to go to medical school to be an audiologist, and went from technology sales in my early career, to a system engineer to workday and Warner Bros. Total switch. hahah Begs the question, of why school is anything but checking a box at this point. :(
Launching soon!
Yes, I am doing a job that is relevant to my degree.
Siena Romes
Yes. I'm a Journalism graduate and a writer now. So, that fits.
Iya Mendoza
I'd say, not really, but I can easily transition. The thing is, I work both as an SEO Specialist and Content Marketing Manager at Instant Logo Design. InstantLogo is basically an Ai-powered logo maker where customers can easily customize their own logo or ask our in-house designers to do it for them. But as a part of the team, I can easily manage adding more logo templates and designs for people to choose from and serve as a reference. :)
Dow Osage
Yes BUT I got my career first and returned to school (because of the pandemic / quarantine) and got my degree and started grad school.
Maya Ben Zid
I wouldn't say I'm "using" my degree a great deal but the experience of going to college was extremely helpful. During these years, people usually do a lot of self-seraching, and it's always eye-opening.
Guillaume Mathieu
Somehow! Got an MBA and started working on my first startup. My degree helped me a lot in pitch deck making and prep (strategy, market research,...) as well as for administrative management (accounting, finance, etc..). Now what I feel: - an MBA in enterpreneurship can be double-edged, as one might spend naturally a lot of time "powerpointing" - while in early stage, I believe product build-launch-itterate is what matters the most - there are so many things to do and limited resources in that you have to learn continuously new skills (building a website, UX, UI, etc.) to move forward ... to the point where you really need / can hire someone good to do the job.
NO ! not even a close haha but I feel happy with my current job, it is a challenge and I always embrace that.
Lourdes Perdon
Unfortunately not. I don't use it any longer.