Are you active on twitter?

Shushant Lakhyani
16 replies
I'm building a maker's list on Twitter to follow some great builders.


Anil Meena
Trying to stay active!! 🙏
Andrew C.
@anil_meena21 i know right... its not as easy as people make it sound... it actually takes dedication to go at it everyday
Rich Watson
Sort of. We use a bot that auto posts Discord messages from specified users in specific channels to twitter and stocktwits. helps with keeping it active and engagement.
Andrew C.
@richw hey i actually never had heard about Stockwits before.. after i read your reply i went and checked out their site and signed up. @SeezeFire is my user name drop me a follow and ill do the same
Yes, best way to stay updated on what's going on in the world
Andrew C.
@rw1 interesting... i felt the same... but after i joined this Tech Co. ... it all suddenly became all about Twitter
Andrew C.
@sakshi_gahlawat your a marketing generalist... thats awesome ! you into social media marketing or or do you take the traditional approach ?
Sakshi Gahlawat
@andrewcanday it's all about social media marketing for me.