Are you active on Quora?

Fabian Maume
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I'm curious to know how the product hunt audience overlaps with Quora once. PS: I'm hunting QApop 2.0 today which can help you get the most out of Quora.


Fabian Maume
I'm personally quite active on Quora and harvesting at lest 4k views per month:
Pian Istien
I'm active on Quora but I think that the quality of answers on Product hunt is better
Nabeel Amir
Yes, I am active on Quora. It has helped me get to know many new people and nurtured my existing relationships. It has allowed me to share knowledge with others and learn more about my industry.
Fabian Maume
@nabeel_amir Are you ever using the messaging feature embedded in Quora?
Benjamin Lucas
No, to be honest. But I think I should be.
Bertha Kgokong
Yes, I try to be. The time it takes is always a challenge, but I dedicate an hour every other day just to tackle Quora questions.
Iya Mendoza
@berthakgokong I guess it's a great marketing strategy as well? Have you gained new prospects or customers from there?
Bertha Kgokong
@iyamendoza01 I do gain traffic from there. The more questions you answer, the more traffic you will gain, especially if you give a meaningful answer that makes sense to people. You need to invest the time to develop great answers that people want to read. The good thing about Quora is that, your traffic remains constant -- if you get 10 ppl a day from there, that number can only go up over time, because daily new people are landing on your answers, even from years back.
Anna Kuzma
I used to be active on Quora before, and actually still try to keep some activity posting 2-3 answers a week. The traffic from Quora is of quite good quality, but the numbers are low. With around 6k views of Qoura answers a month, there are around 30-40 visits to the website...
Fabian Maume
@kuzmanna Do you know if your audience use adblockers a lot? Google analytics cannot track Quora traffic properly if the person have an ad blocker. How do you pick the 3 questions, that you are answering every week?
Anna Kuzma
@fabian_maume good point about adblocker, never thought it could matter, thanks for mentioning! What concerns the questions I pick to answer, sometimes I answer the questions I was requested to answer, sometimes I google a certain keyword, check top questions in the search results. Sometimes I use suggested questions from Q-stats. When picking up a question I pay attention to view stats, number of answers, followers, and views of recent answers.
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Quora is like the warren buffet of social media companies... old and clunky, but also kinda wise I'm not on quora regularly, but do enjoy the occasional peruse
Ezzat Suhaime
No, but I almost always read the posts within those emails Quora sends out.
Misha Krunic
Yes, as much as I can.