Are you a UX Research expert with a flair for public speaking? Become our next webinar speaker!

Giorgio Malvermi
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Hello, world! I am reaching out to this great community because I have got a story to tell. You see, everybody loves webinars. They're great for engagement, you can listen to them as a podcast while you work, they're an excellent window to meet experts from all around the world. And yet, listening to a webinar and being in one are two different things... It takes a bold spirit to talk in front of an audience, and one with a modicum of expertise as well! Cutting to the chase: would you like to test your mettle and use the Sonar ( stage to make your opinion matter? Do you feel comfortable having full-on debates on data triangulation, thematic patterns in qualitative data sets and so many other UXR topics? Then leave a message below with your website or contact info and let's start making some FIRE content, together.
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