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Martina Hackbartt
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Hi, hunters! At ReSkript we're organizing a series of interviews to Startup founders. Deep Dive is an initiative that aims to show students, entrepreneurs, and other people interested in the startup world some great ideas and how they were put into practice by founders of all niches and places. The idea is to inspire and give some valuable insights on how it is to be the founder of a business, while also taking advantage of the experience of the founder who is being interviewed. This is the interview going live today (Featuring Carsten from And this is the previous one: Would you like to be a part? Get in touch with me! 📩: -My email: -My LinkedIn: If you have any questions you can of course let me know! And I would really appreciate it if you could tell me (on this discussion) what your startup is about :)


Carsten Pleiser
Thanks so much for the feature and the interview, @martina_hackbartt
Kody Thompson
Hi Martina, great work getting these stories out to people. I have only recently got connected with the PH community and wish I had have been involved in it earlier. I'll send you an email and see if I make a good fit for the interviews you are doing. :)
Martina Hackbartt
@kodythompson Hi Kody! You're just on time! Looking forward to your email :)
Geetanjali Shrivastava
Hi Martina, I just checked out Reskript - seems like a great product - and the posts! Love the initiative and would love to partner in any way possible. Let's connect on LinkedIn and see how we can help each other!
Martina Hackbartt
@geetanjalishrivastava Hey, Geetanjali! Thanks a lot, and I'd love to connect! Here's my LinkedIn:
Nicole Ogloza
I messaged you on Linkedin! I have a VERY crazy story to share ;)