Are there tech entrepreneurs?

Ihor Prysiazhnyi
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Background: As a person who studied software engineering, I worked as a designer and manager. I don't have a lot of experience writing code. I created a prototype and I'm trying to build a technology company( For now, I'm alone, the location is silicon valley. So, is there somebody who has a similar background? Can you share your story, please? Or if your background is different, but you did it, could you give any suggestions? Thank you!


Ivan Ralic
Hi @evetale , one of the most important skills you'll need to acquire as an Entrepreneur is to be extremely concise with your questions and messages šŸ˜„ I believe there are a lot of Tech Entrepreneurs in here just ask anything particular šŸ˜„ The go-to-entrepreneurship list would probably look something like this: āžœ Read books āžœ Launch something (anything as soon as possible) āžœ Find similar-minded people in your network āžœ Go to startup meetups āžœ Join maker communities (PH is a great example, there are other like indie hackers, underdogs etc.) āžœ Join YC Startup School and YC Build Sprint Welcome to Entrepreneurship, wish you all the best šŸ˜„šŸš€
Vedran Rasic
@evetale @ralic šŸ‘ well said Ivan! "āžœ Launch something (anything as soon as possible)" +1 This is the single most important advice IMHO.