Are the good times over? What you guys think?

Davor Kolenc
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A recent Crunchbase article asked this. They are saying: Startup Valuations Dip As Inflation, Geopolitical Issues And Pandemic Concerns Swirl" They continue on quoting Don Butler (among others) who is a managing director at Thomvest Ventures and has been in venture for more than two decades. “How much valuations have dropped is hard to say, because I think some companies are kicking that can down the road, including with convertible notes,” Butler said. “So we may not really have an answer until Q2 or Q3.” What those quarters will hold is anybody’s guess, but most seem to believe it will be a refocusing on value and not just growth—which may not be a bad thing for the market. “I don’t think this is all doom and gloom,” Bloomer said. “Investors and founders need to answer, ‘have you found a product-market fit?’ We have to get back to first-principle investing.”


Florin Grozea
I think it depends on geography (are you selling to Russia and/or Ukraine?) and industry.