Are hunters still relevant in 2022?

Pavel Gvay
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Connor Jewiss
Yes and no. Hunters can be really useful to help promote the launch and attract a bigger audience. They can also share some great feedback. Don't forget, members that just find cool stuff and submit it are technically Hunters, and that's a big part of PH. But, Hunters aren't necessary for a launch. As many have proven, you can have a very successful launch without one. Depends on your needs, timing, etc.
Pavel Gvay
@connorjewiss Great point! Totally agree. I've seen products hunting themselves and still getting #1 Product of the day.
Alyssa X
@connorjewiss Yeah for sure! I think it's also important for the hunter to be involved with the launch, asking some random hunter to submit your product just because they have many followers / successful submissions won't do you any good :P
Maxwell Davis
From what I've seen I tend to agree with the previous comment - it's a nice additional bonus - especially if the Hunter has a good following both here on Product Hunt but also on their socials...
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
I'll highlight one of the previous comments : "They can also share some great feedback" . This is what usually do!