Are everyday Professionals in a position where they are forced to supplement their income?

Divine Rivers
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We launch our marketplace for sign-ups to address this come July 17th. My thoughts are absolutely, as the cost of living has skyrocketed in the last decade while salaries have moderately increased while the current options are unrealistic or undesirable. Car Sharing - No Food Delivery - Hell No Learn a Completely New Skill - Do I really have to? Short-Term Rental - Difficult due to legislation, saturation, and/or required time commitment


Messersmithson Felipe
I completely resonate with your sentiments. The traditional gig economy options just aren't cutting it anymore. This marketplace launch sounds like lower cortisol a much-needed game-changer, especially in light of the escalating cost of living. Can't wait to see what opportunities it brings come July 17th!
Divine Rivers
@messersmithson_felipe Hey we've already launched for sign ups, so if you are open to give it a try as your new side hustle visit here at and sign up to be a Careeror Come check us out here. We are launching the entire site completely here in the next 10 days
Igor Cozman
It's a common question nowadays. I remember when I was juggling a full-time job and some freelance gigs, I definitely felt the pinch. One thing that helped me keep up with the pace was staying on top of my health. I found some great supplements at that gave me the extra boost I needed. Finding that balance between work and self-care is key, no matter what your profession.
Divine Rivers
@igor_cozman Yes, that is why we created Careering to give professionals a side hustle that involves their career and is conducive to working a full-time nine to five. Check it out at as we've already launched for sign-ups. We launch the entire website in the next 10 days here.