Appsumo or Product hunt or both and why?

Georgios Efstratiadis
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So, im a founder and i have found communities and services like Appsumo and ProductHunt to be very helpful when we launch a new product. I always wonder though if its better to launch on the most number of platforms at the same time or one every time and spread the launching period. I think all at once is harder but better for results and buzz. What do you think ? Please share your experiences.


Paul VanZandt
I'm definitely planning on doing both (we'll be launching on both platforms on the 11th so hopefully both at once helps out. Are there any other platforms you would suggest we launch on?
Sergio Zaciu
I've not looked into AppSumo at all, can someone give me a rundown of what makes it special/different from PH and what niche it might serve best? Other than getting more eyeballs on your product (which is always a good thing), what's the value of AppSumo.
Georgios Efstratiadis
@szaciu I think the main value of AS is that its audience is very into trying new product and support their growth with great feedback. They are what we call "early adopters".
Fabian Maume
I would recommend you not launch on both at the same time. Product hunt launch will give you a boost of traffic and visibility. This is the opportunity for you to run a lifetime deal (LTD) on your own (without paying the marketplace commission). It is what we did with QApop: Furthermore, I would recommend launching on Product hunt (PH) launch. If you are successful on PH, LTD platforms like pitchground or saasmentra will contact you and offer you a better deal than Appsumo.
Daniel Engels
The conventional wisdom is to start on AppSumo as early as possible, and to only roll out a mature product on ProductHunt later.
Julius Bachmann
We were looking into both and it seems like AppSumo launches are more cash-focused than PH. My current thinking is to upgrade our pricing packages so they are more interesting in a lifetime deal on AppSumo. We will be launching later in June but more to drive user numbers than to earn $$.