API for retrieving simple social media metrics?

Boris Lau
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Hi all, I wrote my own scripts for retrieving subscriber/follower numbers for my own accounts from Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. In addition, I load stream counts from Spotify and YouTube. One data point per day. While this is easy and rock solid for Twitter and YouTube, the Spotify API denies me access for multiple days from time to time, and then works again. For Facebook and Instagram it started out easy, but becomes increasingly complicated over time. They prevent public access to the pages, and try their best to prevent automated logins. Using their APIs would be nice, but accessing the data of my own pages requires all the stuff needed for making publicly usable apps able to access data of other people - a huge overhead regarding explanations, demonstrations and data protection stuff. In short - is there any tool or service you can recommend that solves this problem? All SaaS products I found in that area do far too much for my purposes. Thanks for any help Boris


Fabian Maume
Free plan from Phantombuster shall cover Facebook and Instagram. It would be possible to host a custom script there for Spotify.