Anyone with experience in meditation/fitness apps?

Ludovico Petrali
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Hi guys, we are developing a software solution for content apps, with specific focus on meditation and fitness. We want to help them with what we have identified as the major issues in the market-> slow organic growth, high cost of customer acquisition and high churn. I am really trying to expand my network in this field to understand if we are on the right path, get feedbacks and find early adopters. If you or anyone in your network could be relevant, please reply!!


Tim Parsa
Hi Ludovico-- I built Cadoo (get fit, get paid) and recently met with Zario guys who have built an app that rewards people for being more mindful about the way they use their smartphones.
Ludovico Petrali
@tim_parsa2 sounds great Slyk! Where can I get in touch with you? Do you have LinkedIn?
Gommez Zygmontson
@tim_parsa2 could you share the app with me. Due to heavy burden work of day by day I am getting lazy. And can't do any productive work. If you share it with me so I will be thankful. So that I could make my routine better.
Tim Parsa
@gommez_zygmontson Cadoo was made for you. In fact we should do a product hunt pushup challenge to keep all of us builders and hunters in shape. If you think about it building and hunting used to require physical exertion which would keep the body healthy. Indeed if you didn't have a strong powerful body it was hard to build or to hunt. So we really need to have all builders, hunters, scouts etc return to the physical roots of those endeavors. Cadoo makes it easy-- join a challenge to reach your fitness , stake some money, if you reach your running or pushup or walking goal, then you get your money back plus a share of the losers staked funds who didn't complete the challenge. Great motivation and a way of betting on your fitter future self. What do you say?
Tim Parsa
@ludovico_petrali als check out Zario they are gamifying a better/healthier smartphone relationship.
Martin Fontaine
@tim_parsa2 I really like the concept can we connect on a call? I am developing computer vision algorithms for fitness so plenty to share with one another. Martin
Andrew C.
im a trainer myself and would have loved to help you only if you were in India. cant help out with the apps... I've heard of HEALTHIFY ME... lemme know if that helps