Anyone interested in trading product peer reviews?

Solomon Bush
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I am looking for some feedback on my Beta before I launch v1. My target market are startups & SMBs. If anyone would be open to reviewing my marketing pages and user flow through the demo, I would do the same in return. :) Just comment bellow or msg me if you're interested!


Davor Kolenc
@solomon_bush Anyway, can't seem to find a way to message you other then here xD When you go to login there's just a small typo. The letter "L" is missing in the word Email. Can't say much from the technical side of things, but the overall design looks clean, simple and easy to understand. Have look or try (we have a freemium) Treblle :)
Solomon Bush
@davor_kolenc Hey Davor! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I had back surgery a little over a week ago and am just now getting back to work. But thanks for catching that typo and going through the new user experience. I have a lot to improve but I am really glad to hear that you liked the UI. I spent quite a bit of time making sure that it was simple and easy to understand. I am taking a look at Treblle now :)
Solomon Bush
@davor_kolenc Wow. This landing page is awesome. First thing, I love all the infographics - super unique, and I can tell you guys spent a lot of time making them clean and concise. Creating an account was supper easy. A bonus would be if you had 3rd party SSO for signup, Google, GitHub, etc. Once I logged in, it was easy to find what the next step was --> Create a new Project I did notice that the link 'What is your API URL?' was broken on the page. I am testing on desktop (Windows 11), Edge browser 100.0.1185.36 I really liked the integrations page after creating the project. I use NodeJS as my backend. The setup was super easy too. Overall I would give this app an A+ Seriously, your team has done a killer job with Trebble. On a side note, it would definitely be worth it to include a dark mode. I personally love dark mode as I am a night owl and use it whenever I can. Sorry again for taking so long to reply. I should have gotten back to you before I had surgery, but it kinda came out of nowhere lol.
Davor Kolenc
@solomon_bush Thanks for this detailed response. If we want to use parts of it for our testimonials, can we? ❤️🔥 Also, we are working on a redesign of the desktop version which will include a dark mode 😉
Solomon Bush
@davor_kolenc Nice! Looking forward to it. And of course! Feel free to use it however you want :)
Zifa Sadriyeva
Hi Solomon, a very useful app! If you would like a proper review somewhere, please DM me: We would want to have your review to showcase in our listings. With PayBull you can optimise your pricing. Subscribe on our Upcoming page (/paybull ) if you are interested in tapping latent profit for your business.
Solomon Bush
@paybull9 Sounds great! I will reach out to you once I relaunch v1 for a proper review. But I will take a look at PayBull now and let you know what I think! Sorry for the delay. I have not been working for the last week, and am just now catching up on stuff :)
Solomon Bush
@paybull9 So I tried to visit your website. But I guess it's still under construction :) Just ping me whenever you get it up and running and I can give you some feedback! But I subscribed to your upcoming page here on PH and look forward to seeing what you guys do :)
Happy to help! ;)
boss pak
hey i have checked your blog and find it quite informative i have 3 year experience in trading i have also worked with daniel pessin( last year and got much benefit can you please share your email for better contact.
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