Anyone here making memes? What do you use?

Dylan Merideth
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memes are awesome, and have been used for marketing to pretty decent success. Is anyone here a memelord? drop links to ur fav memes


Luka Vasic
I use: for my memes, haven't made any in the past few months, but I'm an OG memelord my man, since 2014
Dylan Merideth
@luka_vasic I salute you and am grateful you are here. Memes have honestly gotten me out of some sticky mental health situations throughout my life with humor and honesty, so whatever you do, don't stop.
Qudsia Ali
I usually don't make memes, but whenever I have to make one, I use either Canva or Imgflip. Which application or site do you use to make memes?
Utku Uzun
I use this site: But there are sooooo many memes. So that I always write some keywords down to find the one I'm looking for. Then I Photoshop it.
Ehsan ul Haq
I don't make memes but I love them. 😀😀😀