Anyone felt the fear of loosing PH streak?

Luka Vasic
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Yesterday I was at the pool on a 3-day vacation and took out my phone to google something. In an instant, I saw PH as a recommended search option and my heart stopped thinking I lost my streak.


Gaurav Goyal
Lol. I would agree that it's kind of addictive :)
Imtiyaz -
I use Producthunt mobile app, but it doesn't count. I always lose my streak.
Rich Watson
What is your streak at right now? Once I got up to like 20+ I started being more aware of it 🤣😂
Qudsia Ali
Well, I am not that addicted to PH streaks, so no, I don't have a fear of losing PH streaks.
Brad Fusion
I did when I had around 35 days of the streak.
Jonathan Massabni
haha the first time around i was curious to see what's the next streak emoji
Gaurav Goyal
@luka_vasic @jonathanm I am also curious about what is going to be the next emoji. PH has done a great job there.
Iuliia Shnai
It hurts... I lost mine after 5 days but it was already painful:)
Hahahahh absolutely the same feeling! 😂 I lost around 150-day streak! It was very satisfying to collect it, especially knowing that you spend your time to learn and discover while supporting some great creators! 😊 And so disappointing when I had to miss it! Anyway, I must admit that it was releasing when I realized that you can start all over again! 😁💪