Anyone else like to check items out in a store before buying it online?

Jerome Ibañez
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Hi everyone! My name is Jerome and I'm looking to connect with other showroomers here on PH. For those who don't know, showrooming is basically a shopping behavior where you go to a store to physically check the items out first before buying it online (due to a variety of factors, mainly price difference). Looking forward to hearing more from you guys.


Vanshika Chaturvedi
I do not remember any time when I have consciously showroomed but I understand why anyone would do so. The main reason behind it is that online, you get better offers! But not only this, there is a greater variety online and you have a plethora of different brands, colors, designs to choose from. I will give you an example- I may be looking for red sports sneakers in a particular size. It may take me hours at any showroom or even a shopping mall to find exactly what I need. But this same product can be found easily on any online shopping platform with the help of the right filters. I can choose from brands, price ranges, quality and everything that I need to consider while buying. The only thing is that I may not be able to judge the quality and size. To ensure the quality and size, I may go showrooming for the product I chose online and then get back home and order it at a discounted rate.