Anybody use Typeform for Survey?🤔️

Linna Peng
6 replies
Typeform is great for survey, the design and pattern is nice, but it is too expensive for start up. Is there any coupons for PH users? @okuiux


Jas BG
You could use Google Forms (Free) as an alternative.
Daniel Engels
yes. Typeform offers a great UX for syrveys, so that users keep answering till the end.
Linna Peng
@daniel_engels Exactly, I thought it only had yearly subscribe, but just figure out it supports monthly subscribe.
Aleks Dahlberg
yes, type form is great - excellent API as well
Hélène SAN
Snackeet is way cheaper than Typeform and can do much more such as Quizzes, forms, surveys but also popups and advanced landing page that you can share or embed on your website or even into your email/SMS campaigns You should check it out Linna 😉