Any Twitch Streamers/Viewers on Here?

Maxwell Davis
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Hi everyone! One of the products I'm working on with my co-founder is designed for Twitch - Primarily for audience engagement. We're going to be looking for Twitch Streamers and Viewers in the coming months and wanted to find Users in the Product Hunt community to help us with the initial stages. For example beta testing and getting Affiliate for our brand channel. So if you are a user and would be cool with being involved just drop a comment below 👇


Martina Hackbartt
I could try! Twitch is really spread out in my age group. Many people I know are streamers and stream-viewers. However, I haven't tried it yet. I'm willing to, though! Let me know :)
Maxwell Davis
@martina_hackbartt - there are streamers of all ages :) Thanks for replying, we'll be in touch at some point for the help!
MariadPDC My profile is registered some time ago, I have received 5GBs as a compensation and I will start to produce my own TV in twitch.
Maxwell Davis
@mariadpdc Hey there- thanks for replying, we'll be in touch once we're up and running!
Hi. When it comes to streaming platforms, I think Twitch is the best. Twitch is a leading platform that successfully opens its doors to all kinds of content, from games to ASMR to full body makeup tutorials. The platform is so popular and huge in the marketplace that learning to stream on Twitch is almost a rite of passage for future content creators. Twitch is still the undisputed champion of live streaming. I know that many people who sign up on Twitch with the goal of becoming a successful streamer set up their computer, streaming overlay and so on before they start. The best solution is to use , so you don't have to worry too much about creating your own design by hand. I am an active streamer on Twitch myself. I often stream various games for my viewers. So maybe I can be of use to you.