Any tips on first video tutorial?

Alexandro Martínez
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What are some of your recommendations when making a video tutorial? I'd like to plan, record and publish my first advanced coding tutorial but I don't know where to start in terms of equipment and Mac/Windows tools. Thanks!


Emilio Lopez
Save video tutorial for a help desk. Make a showcase video to stand out. Tutorials should be helpful; a lot of tutorials on here are 5min plus and are extremely taxing on a potential user. Instead break up that 5-10min long video into a help desk of some sort on your site and create a kick-ass showcase video for your product. My two cents.
Max Velin
When I had problems with a subject like physics, I turned to UpSkillsTutor and studied online. I asked the tutor to record a video lesson that I could then review if there were any problems and consolidate the material in general. So in any case, save the video and you can do it in the google cloud. And then just give access in the form of a link to all who need it.