Any Make / Integromat integrations I can help with?

Carsten Pleiser
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Feel like giving back, can I help anyone with business automation, workflow or document automation?


Jonathan Garreis
Thanks for the help with our automation last week!
Robert Rizk
Wow that's amazing! Would definitely love that!
Carsten Pleiser
@roger_rizk Any particular workflow you need building in Make/Integromat Robert?
Hi Christian, Thanks for the kind offer, couple of questions from me: (1) If someone is looking into getting into automation and specifically offering it as a productised service. Where would you recommend they start in terms of with their learning? And (2) Do you have any tips on how this service could be productised?
Carsten Pleiser
@janinah, for 2: Start with some tangible and focus it on real outcomes, ie social media marketing, airtable to input content, Bannerbear to create image assets, post on social media. Agency onboarding automation is another service you could offer. Maybe get some inspiration through these guys here:
@ckpleiser thanks for that Carsten, absolutely loving the luhhu blog!! Also apologies for calling you Cristian in my earlier post 🙈
among us
I like this post, And I guess they are happy to read this post, they will get a good site to generate information, thanks for sharing it with me. infected days