any ideas on where to launch a new social media or news media app? how would you go about it?

Nicole Ogloza
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Product hunt has been great for launching and gaining users. Anyone have other thoughts as to where to launch for these specific groups and how to go about it?


David Babins
Dig into, and track back related, to launching a new social media or news media app...​ ​Food for thought etc...​ :) ​
Nabeel Amir
Regardless of what platform you choose, you'll want to consider the following: Is it an open platform? How easy is it to incorporate a plug-in or be customized? What type of support will you receive if you need to change something? Are there any costs associated with an app if it's a paid one? If your social media app is free, how will make money?
Dylan Merideth
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Indo hackers or TechCrunch
Nicole Ogloza
@daryakhmetova oooo never heard of indo hackers. thanks for that!