Any idea to encourage customers to write a review for your company?

Elena Cirera
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Alexandra Thomas
International Comms Manager at WiziShop
Offer them an incentive - 10% off their next purchase if they leave a review, or even perhaps entry into a competition. Or play to their human side and sense of community and tell them how important it is to you and your brand that customers give their honest feedback.
Carsten Pleiser
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Hey Elena, you'd listen in when your customer-facing team receives positive feedback or compliments. You then use these triggers as momentum, asking them if they would be happy to share it in a quick review on whatever platform you chose. You prepare the text for them by quoting what they say to reduce friction and make it easy for them. Obviously, you want to mention that they can also add, change and edit. That's it. For my company Design Buffs, it's what always works.
David Babins
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Always an excellent resource throughout... :) How to Ask & Get Good Customer Reviews [+Examples]
arun garg
Arun Garg - Digital marketing consultant
Incentives, offers, enhancing customer experience, artificial intelligence are some of my suggestions!
Nikita Dutta
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I would suggest you try live chat from Chat Metrics ( where agents will be available 24/7 on your website to interact with your website visitors and know their requirements. These agents can proactively ask them about their experience on your website and promote your brand indirectly.
Henry Robinson
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The best way by which you can increase your customers to write a review is by interacting with them. Chat Metrics ( is one of the best service providers of conversational marketing where your agents can interact with your website visitors and ask for their experience and gather all the relevant information that you want to know. These sales and marketing agents will be available 24/7 on your website to instantly answer the questions of your website visitors.