Amazon just announced a medication subscription 👀

Aaron O'Leary
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RxPass is the latest addition to Amazon Pharmacy as the company looks to take a larger piece of the medication market share. RxPass allows Prime users to pay a monthly, flat fee of $5 to receive as much generic medication as they need. We've seen the beginnings of a generic medication price-revolution with Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs. What do you think of this move by Amazon?


Emmett Naughton
They better keep their promise to keep prices low.
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Krishna Kumar
5 Dollars plus prime. Still a good deal considering the high costs of medication. Me and some friends once studied this market, including for cosmetic, knee replacement, and dental surgeries abroad. Objections by doctors and insurance were big hindrances. Hopefully Amazon would be better accepted
Amir Andohkosh
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David Babins
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FYI, deeper thoughts and opinions throughout the following. Always good to research deep inside, of course as we know, the Amazon business model is NOT loved by all... But always interesting to Learn stuff... :)
Murali Gottumukkala
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This is a must need for many seniors who want generics,
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Wow, I didn't know about that, thanks for sharing