AMA – We just launched our first product!

Kim Salmi
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Hi, I'm Kim, CTO and obsessed with sailing 🚤 We're having a launch party at our HQ in Finland and we've set up a LIVESTREAM. Come: 🚀ask us questions about the launch 🚀 💡and the product itself 💡 💎Join the fun!💎 The link to come talk with us is here: The product: If you feel shy, feel free to shoot your question to this thread!🎯


Arttu Helke
What kind of boat do you have?
Santeri S
@infr Har du en segelbåt?
Kim Salmi
@arttu_helke Hi Arttu! I have currently one american made motor boat. How about you?
Kim Salmi
@sasesesa Nej, jag har inte.
Erica Y
How many boats do you have?
Kim Salmi
@eeri2 Currently only one! Before kids the number might have been a bit higher..
Aki-Petteri Hokkanen
How big is your current team around the product?
Kim Salmi
@aki_petteri_hokkanen We have 7 developers, 1 UX designer, 1 product owner, 3-4 persons in customer success and support, 17 in sales, 2 in HR/talent acquisition, plus some more in various positions :)
Aino Valtonen
What is your main goal with this launch? 🚀 :)
Qudsia Ali
Social proof is clearly THE thing right now, and I appreciate how simple and trustworthy, and attractive it's been made with this. You're doing fantastic!
Kim Salmi
@qudsia_ali Thank you for your support! We obviously do agree with you that social proof and customer and/or employee testimonials are the THING right now. We've tried our best to make our product as userfriendly and simple as possible, so we're super happy hear you agree with us :)
Arttu Haho
@qudsia_ali Thanks for the comment! Please take a look to our product and let us know what you think about it :)
Sini Katariina
This product is designed beautifully and solves real problems🤩 I recommend you go check it!
Kim Salmi
@sini_katariina You're right on the money there! Thanks a million for the support, it means a great deal for us <3
Pasi Isomäki
What has been the most difficult thing in creating a SaaS from the scratch? (compared to developing an existing software).
Kim Salmi
@ichibanpasi I think it has been easier to build on a greenfield project than on an existing product. One extremely difficult thing has definitely been prioritization. We have had many great ideas but it really boils down to focusing narrowly on the things that brings your customers the value they need.
Joanna Kurylo
Congrats on your launch!! What lead to your decision of launching a google meet at the same time? Was that something you saw other producthunt launches do? Pretty unique IMO! 🎉
Kim Salmi
@joannakurylo Thank you! @arttuhaho can tell more about the stream idea, since I’m not sure where it came from. The stream itself was quite fun, we had a lot of our customers and also some former employees hopping on to say hi 🎉
Arttu Haho
@joannakurylo @infr We had nice party going in our main office and then we thought that how could we get all the new and old customers to join us. I think that is how the idea started to develop. It was super fun especially for our employees who didn't have chance to visit office (like me) and we also got a lot of our alumnies to join stream. I would have hoped more customers to join so maybe we need to develop idea further next time.
Dapeng Ni