All-in-One Customer Research and Design Thinking Platform

Junior Owolabi
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To solve a problem of Product Managers (like myself) not knowing their customers’ needs and not having a standalone tool to capture and solve these needs. We created an all in one customer research and design thinking platform. The research platform allows users to: - define/validate/prioritise customer problems, personas, and customer journeys. - Run qualitative and Quantitative research studies (essentially interviews, observations, surveys, concept/ux testing and more) targeting all or segments of your customers. - single builder for defining the Qualitative and Quantitative research studies. - High Fidelity prototyping to solve customer problems or determine the complexities of a produce or feature. - Conduct the research via public link (for target customers) or an in app widget. - Leverage multiple workspaces to work on different projects. the website is: (I need only early adopters using the app for now that why it asks you to request a demo). I really need to conduct some more customer interviews with Product Managers, Designers and Entrepreneurs experiencing the problem detailed at the beginning.
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