AI Research & Writing tools

Jihane Bouhtat
6 replies
Hey there, what do you know about AI Research & Writing tools ?


Iya Mendoza
It's the future of writing. But will it replace content and copywriters? Probably, not :)
Jihane Bouhtat
@iyamendoza01 Have you ever tried to use one of those tools ? I have been using and believe me it's amazing. You can take a look if you are interested !
Iya Mendoza
@jihane_bouhtat I've bought a couple of Ai tools already. I'll try too! Good thing it has free trial as well.
Fabian Maume
I have tested quite a lot before developing the content draft feature for QApop. They are great tools to save time, but you want to keep on doing some proofreading to make sure you are not publishing any non-sense. Is there something in particular that you are looking for?
K. Leigh
I really like Jarvis by for an AI writing tool. Excellent work and helps with writer's block, definitely.
Jihane Bouhtat
@kiraieigh Did you try ? It has so many uses and it combines AI, Customer Insights and Proven Marketing Frameworks. You can check for more details if you are interested