Accounting tool for super early stage

Theo Vachovsky
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Hi Friends, Any suggestions for an accounting SaaS tool for super early stage startups. We need something super simple and hopefully free. Most the ones I have seen are paid and are bit too complex. I am happy to pay once we get bigger but for now we just need something free and simple. Help is much appreciated


Maxwell Davis
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We plan on using Xero eventually (once we have some revenue), mainly because it integrates with the bank account we are looking at but also because of various offers we can get it free for a year. Trouble we're having is as you say complexity and for us the challenge of getting a lock-in syndrome so I'd also like to know what people think about these types of tools as it'll help us too!
Natali Jennifer
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Hi, you are looking for a free accounting management tool for managing your business needs. You can visit for different plans. But if you subscribe free trial then you could not use its max features for your business because free tools allow limited features to use.
Jessica Weliam
I am also using Xero SaaS software for my little growing business You can check my business site. We are using this free from 2021. You need to sign up once and select free trial then it will not ask you again for payment.
michael humphery
I check there tool and using in my accountex usa company. I love it. Thanks for recommendation.
Ifra Zohaib
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