A resource-sharing tool to onboard & offboard your employees faster.

Peter Nguyen
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* Problem: Team managers still have to manually give new hires access to shared directories (OneDrive files, Jira tasks board, Github's private repos). Tools like Okta or OneLogin touch on the security level of accounts management but fail to delve into the depth of collaboration (team management & resource sharing). This flaw results in new hires being unable to perform to their full potential because they don't have all the documents needed. Moreover, when people switch teams, if the managers forget to disconnect them from the former team, there is a data breach issue on the table. * Solution: I'm building Deck (https://withdeck.com)- a drag-and-drop tool to help managers connect/disconnect employees to shared directories faster. With Deck, all you need to do is toggle a switch to onboard/offboard someone. * Ask: I'm talking to customers & building at the same time, so I'd highly appreciate managers giving me 15 mins to talk to about the problems they face when a new member joins their team. You can leave your emails in the comment and I'll reach out, or ping me anytime at peter[at]withdeck.com. Feedback is always welcomed!


Evgeny Medvednikov
Weje.io, free online whiteboards
We in Weje.io eat our own dog food and use online boards to keep internal data and knowledge, so new people onboard faster. https://www.producthunt.com/post... - Weje today is on Product Hunt, welcome to test it ;)