A list of all my ideas

Cameron Scully
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Currently looking for a new project to start but for the life of me can't come up with an idea. So please help me out with some feedback on my ideas so far. Spreadsheet API/function site Webcrawling question answers/marketing bot Web action recorder: eg start recording filling out a form and save it to be repeated descision maker machine learning tshirt design maker Gradually earlier alarm Transcript to adgenda Machine learning graphic novel genorator Trello automatic labelling/clustering Automatically sort homescreen icons based on usage Linked in post genorator Track the success of multiple startups Automate and optimise your life from a diary store lists and links of your favourite products Netflix app to show reviews fill a form to unlock content in app


Simonas Kauzonas
I'm tired of googling reviews of each movie I want to watch hahaha. "Netflix app to show reviews" would be quite useful. Would it be just a regular application on AppStore that connects to your Netflix account?
Not bad!) But you know that idea cost nothing if you didn't try it! People really make good ideas maybe every minutes and tools lik https://floppyapp.com/idea/ can approve the fact. But who ready to spend money, time and insparation to implement them ?