A few takaways from our recent launch

Michael Kosorukov
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Hey everyone, I want to share a few takeaways that I had from our launch (Jet Admin, Feb 1st), which hopefully can help someone who's just planning the launch. First of all, upvotes alone don't matter as much. This is well illustrated by the fact that we were competing for 5th place with a product that had roughly 40% more upvotes and it's the last minutes that decided the end result. Additionally, organic growth is significantly more important than artificial one (driven by external traffic). In the last minutes, we lost around 5 upvotes, but some products lost as much as ~100 points. My hypothesis is that the algorithm measures the quality of votes and cuts off below a certain threshold if someone drives external traffic of a low quality. This correlates well with what I heard from one of the top hunters: email newsletters, cold group posts, etc must support the organic growth, not substitute for it. That's it=) I hope there was certain utility in it. Cheers,


Maxwell Davis
Seems to align to what I've heard as well, and it all makes sense really so that the system isn't gamed. Thanks for sharing!
Saqib Ali
That's some solid advice there. Thanks mate!
Anastasiia Holiachenko πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Hi! Congrats on your launch one more time! Your product is amazing. I am currently planning the launch, so it is a piece of advice I needed. Thank you!
Yaroslava Antipina πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Thank you for the takeaways. They're helpful!
Michael Kosorukov
Thanks, everyone, great to hear it was of help!=)
Fariz Hakim
Thanks for sharing :) might be an interesting read also @johannes_pittgens
Yingtong Quek
Total newbie here, and thank you for sharing!
Raise Life Up
This is useful. Thanks, mate