A CRM that does the heavy lifting for you - not just for Gmail?

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Hi everyone! As a founder (and human) I have a jillion zoom calls, emails, slacks, and linkedin conversations where I want to make sure to keep in touch with someone and in some cases, to follow up or do a task related to a conversation. I want to have a record of past conversations and to not have to spend a ton of time entering in data like contact info. AND I don't use gmail for work, I have email hosted through my own domains. I'm curious if anyone has solutions for this problem?


Jordyn Bonds
0-to-1 Product & Technology
I share this pain! And I tried Clay.earth to solve it, but it didn't. I'd love to hear about how other folks' are solving this.
Learning Addict
@skybondsor I also have been trying Clay. What an awesome team but I think it's still not exactly what I need. (I use self-hosted email and it seems like that's not a thing most CRMs are built for, I get it).
Jordyn Bonds
0-to-1 Product & Technology
@laurex Ah yeah that's gonna be tough, but I respect the choice! In a weird coincidence, I ended up giving Dex a try in the last few weeks and I really really like it so far
Denis Klimin
Product Manager Ordemio.com
We try to solve this problem and create an MVP of our personal CRM. Ordemio.com
Scott Dunstan
CEO of SocialEpoch www.socialepoch.io
On top of the Official WhatsApp Business APIs, an automated tool called Social Epoch SCRM was developed to efficiently send WhatsApp messages in bulk directly from a PC or laptop. Type "SocialEpoch" into the browser on your smartphone, then download the app from the download page. To begin your first progression, tap Bulk Send. Your imported contacts, group contacts, and phonebook contacts need to be organised. Include any photographs, movies, or audio files you'd like in your message by typing it out. You can also add your signatures to it. Finally, if you select the automatic method, SocialEpoch will automatically send your bulk messages to 10,000 contacts.