I have launched mailupnext.com, looking for feedback

Siddharth Kaushik
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I am the founder of mailupnext.com, Mailupnext provides reliable and affordable bulk email service that ensures delivery of your promotional emails.


@siddharth_kaushik Overall the website looks very very good. I don't like the header. Pricing and help don't work (error 500). Why do you have the logos of fiji airlines, Man City and so on? Are your clients? it's hard to believe. Add a link to your testimonials, it makes them more credible. How do your product ensure delivery? You are basically saying that your able to overcome spam filters of multibillion dollar companies. It's a bold claim and honestly hard to believe. Even more if you don't explain how. Good luck for your startup :D
@siddharth_kaushik I think it could be compelling to show some facts around how you compare to competitor products e.g. are your prices better? Delivery speeds faster? That could help you convert more paying customers.
Teresa Henning
@siddharth_kaushik I signed up site worked. No issues. I signed up using my mobile. Good Job šŸ‘
Ivan  Popov
@siddharth_kaushik Your website looks really good, like your competitors, but in places, even better. In the header, ā€‹Iā€‹ guess you don't need to put info about Terms and Privacy. It's too many CTA with some little bit annoying blocks on the main page. You need to focus on the main feature what you provide. Your website looks great if you're going to show it to investors, but for real customers, in my opinion, you need to change a little to grow the conversion up. I hope I helped you. I'd be happy if you can help me too