Hi Makers, could you please take a look at my product idea and let me know what you think of it?

Peter Onwe
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Hi everyone, I recently joined this platform based on recommendation from someone, As it stands, I truly need help on getting more sophisticated ideas from you all smart fellows to enable me work on my new project I've been thinking of the best way to approach a new software that I'm about to build but I really in my hard times now in terms of idea on what to actually include on the app... more like the features that it should have. However, I'm kindly requesting that you take a look at my idea and make possible suggestions on things to add to make it a want-to-have by every marketer out there. I'll really appreciate. So, here's my idea: I want to build a retargeting app that'll serve as a central dashboard for marketers, enabling them to manage all their retargeting links from Facebook, Adroll, Retargeter, Google, Fetchback, etc all in one central dashboard, which is my app. Basically, my app should have the feature that'll enable it's users to copy their ad tracking code from Facebook, Adroll, Retargeter, Google, Fetchback, or whichever retargeting platform that they're using which I must have integrated with my app. Then, they should be able to create a retargeting campaign inside my app by: 1. writing the name they want the campaign to bear, for Example: (Google -[enter product name] retargeting) 2. Pasting the ad retargeting pixel they must have gotten from the retargeting platforms they're using 3. Entering the landing page URL that you want to retarget. When this is completed, a short retargeting code will be created and can be used in Emails, or even in blogs/websites so that whenever any visitor visits the link, it'll redirect them to wherever the user wants, while doing the work of retargeting if eventually they didn't buy. So instead of having to get long codes from different retargeting platforms or managing the codes inside different retargeting platforms that they're using, they can easily manage all of those links inside one dashboard. Basically, that's what I want my app to be doing, but I want it to go beyond that... I want it to have more sophisticated features. I'll be here reading your honest suggestions on what you think I should include in this development to bring it to existence. Thanks for your time in reading this.
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